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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like….

Well, Christmas of course. Two weekends ago, Bob and I spent the weekend decorating the tree and putting up Christmas lights together on our home. Hanging the lights on the house was with the kind of pervasive warm-fuzzies that you only see on Halmark movies. Decorating the tree – – not so much. First, when we put up the tree, half of the bottom tier and the whole top tier didn’t light up, so we decided to make the trek into Hamilton (the next city over with a decent selection of stores) to go buy a different pre-lit one. Bob has always had trees and a house with colored lights on them, and I’ve always had trees and a house with white lights. So, we compromised. I get my white lights on the tree, and Bob gets SOME colored lights on the outside of the house. That seems fair, right? haha.
But back to the shopping. We find the perfect pre-lit tree that we love at Meijer. And we pay quite a bit too much money for it. And we bring it home. And I start to put away the old tree. And when I wiggle it, the whole top half comes back on. This is simultaneously a moment of “Dang it” and “Sweet! I loved the old tree!” So, we took back the expensive tree and did a patch job on the bottom tier with some white lights from kroger and finally started decorating the tree.
Originally, Bob had complained about my Christmas tree because he thought it looked too planned in previous years. I mean yes, the first year I had it all of the ornaments came from walmart and I did have a color scheme on it. But this year, I think he realized that of all the ornaments on the tree, most of them were inherited or given to me, and therefore have meaning. It was really nice to decorate it together, and yes, I let go of my OCD tendencies a little bit and Bob hung ornaments, too. We don’t agree about the giant glittery bow at the top of my tree being an adequate tree topper, but maybe someday we’ll find an angel that we both can agree on.

It’s really so nice to be with my person all of the time.
and my puppy.



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