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My Very Own “Garden”

I headed back to Oxford today, somewhat reluctantly I have to admit.  It was really nice to have some time with my family, not on a weekend, not because I was expected to be there, just because I could be.  It was more than really nice, actually.  More like a breath of fresh air.  I spent a lot of time with Mom in her garden, from cutting down a out of place tree that had volunteered there a few years ago to pulling some weeds, to just enjoying the not-very-formal, overgrown beauty that is there.  This morning Mom remembered that she had some window/deck flower boxes that she couldn’t use that have been just chillin’ in the garage for a while.  I got one down from the top shelf and decided that it would be my project for today, to add my very own garden to my condo.  Making it into my home has been quite a long process and I’m always finding something that needs done or fixed and some use for my tool kit.  Today was my favorite type of thing – getting dirt under my fingernails.

My flower box

As the construction around, but not in, my condo continues (I still have a random stove sitting on my porch), It’s nice to be able to look out on just a little something beautiful.

The box and a bit of the courtyard

Ok.  That’s wishful thinking.  All of these plants are wilt-y and look to be near their ends.  But soon they’ll come out of it.   Soon I’ll have beautiful to look at.


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