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Global Garlic Mustard Field Study

What I’ve been working on recently is contributing to the Global Garlic Mustard Field Study.  I spent the later part of my morning at Kramer Woods, part of the Miami University Natural Areas.  For those of you who might not know what garlic mustard looks like, this is it, in seed.

Garlic Mustard

As I was setting up my transect line for part of the study, I saw something move near my foot.  Upon closer inspection, it was this little guy.  Some sort of toad metamorph.

My little friend

I had gotten about halfway done taking measurements when up came quite a good little downpour.   I was pretty ok with just getting wet until I realized that my backpack was, too.  So, I had to take a break, put my papers and electronics in a ziploc bag, and hunker down until the rain let up.  Luckily I was wearing jeans and a raincoat already (It was only about 66 today.  At the end of June? Crazy weather this year).

Keeping the backpack dry...

So, I got my backpack, put it under the nearest large tree, and stood over it.  Suprisingly, this tactic worked pretty well. While I had my camera out, I tilted it up.

Sugar Maple Leaves

Sugar Maples are probably one of my favorite trees.  Along with Tulip Poplars, Sycamores, Red Oaks, and Sassafrass Trees.  Yeah.  You can tell I’m a forest person.  I can’t even pick a favorite tree.    But anyway.  I finished the transect, gathered some samples and hiked out. Mission Accomplished.


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